[EVENT] HUSH PUPPIES "Comfort Walk Ballerinas" Product Launching

October 13, 2017

Finding the perfect pair of shoes that fit us perfectly and treat our feet comfortable are hard these days, with all the fashionable shoes being sold at every stores but almost none is comfortable to wear. But no worries love, because I have found the most comfortable flats and I am going to tell everything about it here.
"Comfort Walk Ballerinas" is an event held by Hush Puppies to announce their latest product. The event was held at Lewis & Caroll and as you can see, the decoration was on point! The pink flowers, the hush puppies dolls, those tiny little details made the table so pretty to look at. Believe me, it took me around 30 minutes to take pictures of the decor. Every corner, every table, everything was just amazing.
Lewis & Caroll tea house perfectly changed their place into a shoes wonderland filled with Hush Puppies latest products: Comfort Walk Ballerina flats! Hush Puppies has always produced a good quality of shoes and that what makes them so famous because who doesn't want a good quality of shoes with decent price? Hush Puppies displayed all the Comfort Walk Ballerinas flats on the table, ranging in colours and designs.
Comfort Walk Ballerinas flats have two designs; Samantha and Belle. Samantha has four different colour variations; beige, navy, maroon, and yellow. Same like Samantha, Belle also has four different colour variations; black, grey, tan, and red. All Comfort Walk Ballerinas flats have memory soles which is like the best thing you could ever have in shoes. Memory soles remember our feet shape therefore the more you wear the shoes, the more comfortable it gets!
As the event started, we were indulged in a 3 course meal along with a short class of how to take a great flatlay pictures. For the three course meal I chose Beef Bruschetta, Saikoro Steak, and Pannacota. The Beef Bruschetta was lit! I enjoyed it so much but sadly couldn't finish everything since I still have my Saikoro Steak. Lewis & Caroll's desserts are bomb too, the pannacota filled my mouth with excitement and I couldn't stop myself from smiling while eating the pannacota. Soon after, we were serenaded by Radhini and time went by so fast that I didn't know it was dark already outside :O. It was definitely a great mingling time and also one of the most homey event ever.

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