Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hi fellas. How are you guys?
I am opening this post with some "sorry" sentences from me. I am very very sorry. Truly, deeply, sorry for not updating my blog for quite some time. I was busy with my fashion design course at Bunka(this is not 100% true. lol). I am trying to catch up with my friends since we want to finish, well more like, get out from bunka as soon as possible!! We have to finish all before July so yeah we are rushing. I have missed blogging so much that it haunts me at night. I am currently writing this post with a sick and pale face. Yes, I am sick and still writing and uploading pictures that take forever. But don't worry, I bet by tomorrow this sickness will be gone ;)
And I have good news! I have finally decided that I am going to Lasalle for uni. Though, I am still not quite sure whether I will be taking fashion design or business. How's your life, fellow readers? I hope you guys are doing great! :D Feel free to comment and pour your thoughts regarding my major. Should I take fashion design? or fashion business?
Cardigan - Unbranded, Neon tank top - Zara, Short - Pull&Bear, Bracelet and Necklace - m)phosis, Earring - Topshop, Ring - Royal Toxic, Bag - Marc Jacobs, Shoes - Nine West
These are bonus for you guys since I rarely blog nowadays. I did the famous Gwiyomi aka Cutie Player with my friends and boyfriend. Take a look ;)

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