[REVIEW] Miracle Clinic Renew Whitening Facial

September 25, 2017

Hi loves!

Last week I visited one of the famous aesthetic clinic in Jakarta; Miracle Aesthetic Clinic. As most of you know, I went to their Feel The Miracle Campaign which featured three handsome actors; Mike Lewis, Edward Akbar, and Fachri Albar. In case you haven't read it, you can read about the campaign here: http://cathysie.blogspot.co.id/2017/07/miracleaestheticclinic.html.

I was captivated with their motto and successful journey that I told myself "if I ever wanted to do any treatment, this place will be the one". And yes I did! I went here to try their Whitening Facial Treatment. Miracle has numerous locations around Indonesia, but the one I went was their Taman Anggrek branch. The ambiance of the clinic was clean, neat, and not to mention top services.
There's sofas and flyers for you to browse while waiting for the treatment. They also put few products display for you to see what products they are using. After you registered for the treatment, the staff will take you to a room filled with all the things they will use for the treatment. My room view was the best, it has Hallstatt wallpaper attached on the wall.

Miracle Renew White Facial:
First step of the treatment is Cleansing. I came with no make up on so the first step was done real quick. The beauty therapist will put some cleansing cream on your face and then clean it with a wet sponge. After cleansing, the beauty therapist will pat toner into our face by using cotton pad.
After our face is cleansed, now it's time for their signature Double Peeling. For their double peeling, they use a soft brush to glaze our face. The first peeling is to exfoliate dead skin cells and has a light liquid texture but it stings as soon as it touches your face. For me it feels like theres needles all over my face. After the first peeling, they overlay it with the second peeling. The second peeling feels like they're pouring a hot lava into your face (i'm not joking. its extremely hot like burning) but don't worry, its normal and the pain only lasted about 2 minutes.
My face became so red after double peeling.
To relieve the burning and itching sensation from double peeling, they will use one of their technologies to steam our face. After that, its time for the Extraction and hell yeah I kept my mouth shut the whole time even though I cried a bit when it comes to nose area. All the things used for extraction are brand new and before the extraction starts they will show it to you that its sealed. The extraction process was unexpectedly quick, maybe because I went here at night before closing time.
The beauty therapist then showed me the dirts that she extracted from my face and I was shocked yet satisfied with it since now my face is clean! On to the next step, they used HF(high frequency) device to kill the bacterias that might've come out due to the extraction process.
Lastly, after all the rough process that my skin face has endured, its time for mask! This is by far my favorite part since the mask is cold, it cools down my skin as well as soothes my skin. The mask helps to improve your skin tone and makes it brighter. While waiting for the mask to dry, the beauty therapist massage me gently. It makes me feel relax and calm after all the rough extraction process.
After the mask is pulled off, the beauty therapist puts some cream on my face and said that the treatment is done!
The whole Renew Whitening Facial process lasted for around 1 hour for me but it depends on your skin condition too. My face becomes red and theres some red dots around my face due to the extraction process but all of it disappeared within days. The treatment costed around 650.000 and definitely worth it for me since it has been a week yet my face still feels clean, tight, and brighter.

If you are interested in doing some treatment to your face go search Miracle Aesthetic Clinic, I can assure you that they have the best services since many celebrities went here to treat their face too!

Miracle Aesthetic Clinic

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