Monday, July 30, 2012

peaches and cream

Zipper detail at the end of the jeans
Outer - H&M, Stripe tank - Old Navy, Black jeans - Guess, Bag - YSL, Hairband - m)phosis, Rings - Topshop

A quick outfit post before I go to bed. I wore this outfit when I went to have tea with my friends. It's a casual-comfy-calm outfit as you can see. The sweet yellow cardigan is from H&M. The striped tank that I was wearing is from Old Navy. Both of them are given by my parents <3. The black hairband is from m)phosis. It's so cute and pretty right?. And for the shoes,....I forgot where I bought the denim heels. I bought this pair of shoe a long time ago and I somehow never wore it. I decided to wear it on that day. I have a lot of shoes. I would rather sell them rather than letting them unused. So yeah, I'm letting this denim one go. I have only wore it once, anyone interested in buying it perhaps? :P

AND..stay tune people, I'm going to do a giveaway any time soon ;) *wink*

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