Friday, August 17, 2012

Call me maybe {Alley29 Outfit}

Unbalance Asymmetrical Shirt
Bunny hairband.
My purple bunny!
Outer - bought at Korea, Unbalance Asymmetric Sheer Shirt - (X)SML, Bodycon Skirt - Stardivarius, Bag - Kate Spade, Ring - Forever21, Bunny Hairband - DIY, Shoes - ZARA

Hi guys, as you all know recently there's a bazaar in Plaza Indonesia called Alley29. There were many bloggers that had participated in it. I enjoyed looking at all the stands. Anyway, this is the outfit I was wearing that day. The bazaar pictures has been posted in the previous post(here) along with another event{MIYOC opening store}.
Oh, bytheway I've updated my youtube channel. I'll be uploading videos like hauls, makeup, vlog and etc. In the mean time, go subscribe (here)! I'll subscribe back :D

Now, I'm busy making my first skirt! Tell me what you guys have been doing on the comments below :D

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