Monday, June 25, 2012


Recently, me and my sis went to a blogger sale.
SWO is a garage sale hosted by Sonia Eryka. There were many famous bloggers who participated.
It was located @NINOTCHKA_JKT Coffee Parlour & Diner (Citra Garden 6 Sixth Avenue J5A - 18, West Jakarta).

The restaurant was crowded with people going to the sale! You wouldn't believe the crowd! It was literally all over the place. The merchandise sold there was very unique and also at an affordable price. Oh, I also met many bloggers there, I met Gabriella Olivia, Mei Ying, Mitha Komala, Rosalinda Tj, and many more.

I really apologize for the blurry pics. Due to the overwhelming crowd, it is hard to take a decent pic with my camera. I should consider changing it, I guess. The camera itself is quite complicated to handle, it has a fixed lens and a close focal point, making it quite difficult to focus closely. Nevertheless, here are the pics:

Me and my sis, Ivy Sie.

The crowd!

With ci Sonia Eryka.
With ci Anastasia Siantar.
With ci Gabriella Olivia.
After a few hours of hoarding those awesome and unique stuff, me and my sis were famished. It was a warm day. Warm enough to make us sweat like crazy. In case you guys were wondering, the 1st floor of the sale was Ninotchka. The food here was delicious and affordable. We decided to have lunch, or maybe brunch, considering I skipped breakfast. After ordering a few snacks and drinks we waited for it to be served upstairs. Somewhere around half an hour later, our food was not served. Turns out the cafe was ovewhelmed with people trying to order food. In the end we went and took the food ourselves. Feeding bellies comes first, eh, ladies? We ordered vanilla ice tea and fettucini carbonara. For the desert, we ordered a chocolava cake. Oh God. They taste. Heavenly. I suspect it's because we were hungry, nevertheless, the ice tea was just refreshing to drink during warm days like this. The fettucini was al dente and cooked perfectly. The sauce was creamy and savory. The dessert. Don't get me started. The chocolava cake, just literally melts in your mouth. The sweetness of the chocolate combined with the softness of the cake is just heavenly.

Fettucini Carbonara.

Chocolava Cake.

Vanilla Ice Tea.

And tadaaa, here's what i wore to SWO.

Pleated Knit High Low Top - m)phosis 
Shorts - Bershka
Bag - LV
Wedges - Piero Lunardi
I super love the pleated knit high low top from m)phosis. You can buy it online too from Zalora. Click here to see the product:

I finally reached 100 followers. Yay for me! I can't do it without you guys. Lots of love for you, yes you, who is reading this blog. Thank you. It is a difficult start but eventually it will get better, wouldn't it? Some blogs have more than 1000 followers, it's a lot of dedication. Someday, I hope to reach that kind of level. With you guys behind me, all of this would be possible. Thanks for the support.

And last but not least, I have added a new page for blogrolls *yay*. For anyone that wishes to exchange links or would like your links to be displayed there, please comment or go here.

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