Monday, July 23, 2012

Dream and Reality

This is the post that I promised! I'm sorry for the late post and stuff. I have been busy. What am I doing these few weeks? It's a secret....

I'm just kidding.. people.

I have been busy studying. Yes, studying about design and fashion. Sigh, I kinda hate talking about this but you guys are what keeps me going. It kinda makes me feel better just sharing it with you guys. :)
I was supposed to study in Singapore. Yeah, that small sunny island near Malaysia. I have enrolled for the class in Raffles Design Institute to study Graphic Design. Due to some complications, I cannot study there. Sigh. My parents has forbid me to study there. I guess they have their own reasons. I won't question them any further. Although I am devastated. I am also devastated by the fact that my close friends are going overseas to study which I mentioned in my previous post. Anyway, my parents has decided to enroll me to Bunka instead. It's some kind of a subsidiary of the famous Bunka Fashion College( But the counterpart located in Indonesia is not exactly a college but it will suffice. As a child, I cannot be ungrateful towards my parents. So I did not complain and gladly accepted their decision.

When I was enrolled to Bunka, I had mixed feelings. I was a bit sad and at the same time a bit cheered up. I was sad because I cannot enroll to Raffles Design Institution. I was cheered up because it made me realize, I could learn how to make clothes. Basically I could be making pieces for my outfit in the future. Life does give you choices. I can't be sad forever, right? So far, my life in Bunka has been quite wonderful although I might be progressing rather slowly(blame my silly fingers). One thing I notice is that Bunka does have its share of design student from other schools. It does have its own share of fashion bloggers too.

Anyway, Thank you guys for being here always. It made feel better.

This won't be a fashion blog without some outfit photos, right guys? :P
So here we go!

Blazer - ZARA, Lace Top - Banana Republic, Short - Pull and Bear, Handmade Detachable Collar, Ring - Topshop, Bag- LV, Shoes - Everbest


  1. You'll do great! I have friends going there too :)

  2. Whenever I visit your blog find good ideas.

  3. That is amazing that you get to study fashion and design. Love your green shorts and how you styled it.

  4. Ah, that's a bummer. I'm sure wherever you go, you'll still excelll. Thanks for following, I'm following you as well. :)

  5. like your blog!
    keep posting and go for it!!


  6. hi cath, I've followed your blog.. mind to follow back? my new blog :)

  7. Hello! nice blog, and you are lovely :) I will follow

  8. Lovely blog! followed you, hope you can follow back!

  9. Great blog! Thank you for visitng :) I'll follow you =]

  10. wow. your blog is very interesting. i love your outfits. they are very great!
    now im a new follower, sweetie <3


  11. waa first time hear about bunka!
    i thought that bunk is a great place since your parents sent you to there :3
    really love your lace top! ♥ ♥ love it love it.

    don't forget to join to win this cutest belt ever!
    xoxo, we are waiting for you participation :)

  12. Stunning hope you'll love those classes !

    anyways, wanna follow on facebook and twitter ?



    Elegantesque Blog


  13. Love this outfit!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. that's great! and your outfit is gorgeous!

  15. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure If you want we could follow each other? If you want just follow me and send me your link on and I will follow you immediately

  16. I like your collar! Such a cute look you've put together!

  17. it's okay sweetheart, i guess we're same age? since i'm going to college too :)
    I want to go to USA real bad, but for some reason, i can't. I know your feeling, it's really tough to accept it.
    but hey! Bunka is really great school and you're gonna be fashion designer! what's not to like??? hahaha
    anyway, I'm going to Korea for my college and i also studying in fashion design major so I hope we could keep contact and work together one day! :)
    followed your blog and twitter! <3

  18. Sorry to hear you won't be studying in Singapore like you'd hoped. But i'm sure Bunka will work out just fine too. Cheer up!

  19. Nice outfit! Love your shorts!
    Thank you for your nice comment! Following you back!:)

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for following and of course Im following your gorgeous blog too x :D
    Really love your style,so chic,especially love that cool blazer and those colourful shorts!

    Hope your having a fabulous summers day x

  21. I am so sorry to hear that your Singapore plans fell through. I'm sure that plan B will be just as good.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  22. Great to know one more petite fellow blogger! Thank you for the nice comment! Following you!

  23. Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  24. love your lace top! good luck in bunka!

  25. Love the blazer ♥
    Mind to follow each other? ☺

  26. I love your outfit! <3
    Your blog is so refreshing! So lovely. :D
    I'm following you as well.
    Big thanks to you!
    I'm very grateful to have you as my very first follower! Yay! :)

  27. such a cutie..well, good luck on your study. :D

  28. like your blog
    keep posting and go for it!!


  29. good luck with studying darling! you'll do great!

    xx rae

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  31. your so lucky you get to make clothes-you'll do awesome. love the outfit, especially the green shorts! following your blog, maybe you could check out ours?xo

  32. nice post. great to know that you study design and your look is cute!
    would you like to follow each other?

  33. Nice outfit.
    Succes in everything you do.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other : ).

  34. Lovely outfit, so cute! I just followed you, would love it if you could visit my blog and follow back if you like it too <3

  35. Adore this outfit! Thanks for visiting my blog, lovely! Following you already xx

  36. aw you are very sweet to find the best in this situation! yes parents decision can be tough when they have the final say but i think you are doing a great job of looking on the bright side and it will all work out for you :D


  37. you could still visit Singapore :) we're just neighbors anyway! and good for you to study something that you're really passionate about!

  38. wow, so envy of you, you can learn about fashion for your future.
    bytheway, great outfit! love the top match perfectly with your collar
    followed you back <3


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    I wish the nice weekend.
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  40. oh gosh, you are so much well-dressed. Stunning!

    good luck for your education. Being in a school full of fashion, garment and design is great. You can channel your interest in a right place.

    My Random Thoughts

  41. Hi dear, Bunka is also great. I wish I could studied there :) Give your best shot!
    Follow your blog, mind to follow me, maybe via GFC? hihi.

    have a great day <3
    La Petite Chateau

  42. hi sweetie, cheer up and good on luck on your edu :)) i'm on third grade now, but i still don't know what i'm going study -.- ehehehehh anw sure following you back now, keep posting sweetie, love your blog! xx

  43. hey dear, yes the garage sale was in jogja!
    btw, the outfit that you wore, lovin it!!

  44. Hey there,
    You look so polished and good luck with your studies.
    Your new follower,

    Tarah and the City

  45. Thank you for visiting my blog,I am following you on gfc and bloglovin.
    I can`t see you among my followers:).

  46. Thanks for stopping by my blog...following you! :)


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