Introducing Videolove: Pilot

August 31, 2012

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I have decided to post two of my fashion contents weekly. As the blog is getting more exposure, I figured making things consistent is the way to go. The new content for my blog will be called VIDEOLOVE! With two new releases weekly, I hope to keep you all entertained! I've decided to make schedule for both of them. Starting from the day of the publication of this post onwards.

Schedule Time
Fashion Flash                     Monday
Videolove       Friday

Fashion Flash is basically a short post about what's hot in the fashion world. In the end of each post there will be a video of my current favorite song. (Example:
Videolove{} is about music/lyric videos that has been recently uploaded on YouTube. (Example: LOOK BELOW!)
Today's Videolove will feature two videos by Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls.

First up! Boys Like Girls with their newest music video titled Be Your Everything.

I'm deeply madly in love with Boys Like Girls since 2009. I've watched their concert here in Jakarta and they were awesome . The lyric of this song is so sweet; the beginning, the chorus, everything is so good. This is my favorite part:
I'll be your shelter
I'll be your storm
I'll make you shiver
I'll keep you warm
Whatever weather
Baby I'm yours
Be your forever, be your fling
Baby I will be your everything
If a guy sings this song to me, I would die of sweetness. :P

And Taylor Swift with her newest lyric video of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

I've always liked lyric videos. So many great effects, cool fonts can't help but watch with my eyes sparkling. I like the idea of the book opening in the beginning and all the crafts and art are so creative! This lyric reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. I would give this song to my ex-bf so that he can hear. listen. to my thoughts at that time. I wish I could say these words "We are never ever getting back together" to him. Oh well, it's a long time back. Now I have a special someone even though he is quite far away.

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