Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Pastel

Today's post will be the outfit that I wore to Bunka last time. It's pastelly pink! I love pink. No, just kidding. Pink is not the color that I love. If you ask me to choose blue or pink I'd definitely choose blue! I've been in love with blue for so long. But that time, I was wearing pink but not really pink, it's baby pink! don't you guys just loveeee pastel colors? it's so soft, cute and adorable. it gives us a good warm feeling dont ya think so?
Bunny Hairband - unbranded, Collar Scallop Top - Chic Simple, Short - Ramune, Rings - DIY, Shoes - Gucci

I bought this collar blouse a long time ago with my mom and has been using it for couple times. It adds feminine-ish to my appearance. For the short, I got this from Ramune Shop at Alley29 bazaar last time. Check Alley29 bazaar here. I rarely find any short that fits me perfectly since I'm small thats why I was so happy when I tried the short and turns out it fits me! Moreover, it's mint in color! For the polkadot hairband, it was supposed to be a bunny hairband but it's broken in the middle of the photoshoot so I used it as a shawl-tie-bow-ish. lol. I was looking here and there to find the match shoes which suits the pastel look and whualah!* found it! It's my short baby pink Gucci heels(idk whether I should call it heels or no since it only has a few cms in height). For the ring, I made it myself! It's a DIY and I reused-recycled it too.

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