Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review: New Look Playful Contact Lens in grey

Hi guys I'm back with another review after a long time :[ sorry! So anyway how are you guys? For those who lives at Jakarta stay safe people! It's flooding everywhere. Thank God my house is safe from flood and I don't have to experience the 'cockroaches and its friends'. I bought this contact lens 2 months ago for halloween. I want the blue color one but sadly it's not available at that time and I was in a hurry so yeah I bought the grey one. This is just a quick review post before I go to bed.
Brand: New Look
Product: Contact Lens
Name: New Look Playful Contact Lens in Grey color
Price: IDR 80.000

(note that these are my honest opinions)
- makes my eyes a little bigger as you can see in the picture above (no photoshop/edit/anything)
- comfortable to use for hours without using eyedrop
- 6 months use

- for me, it's kinda hard to put the contact lens on my eyes. well maybe because i'm not used to using contact lens :p but oh well.
- can't really differentiate which one is the outside(which people look if they see our eyes) and inside(which touches our eyes) part of the lens. but if you look really closely and concentrate you can see a little difference in the color. the outside one is more vibrant than the inside one.

In the future, will I buy New Look Playful Contact Lens again?
- Yes, but in different color. ;)

Anyway, I posted my first video ever on youtube go watch it! It's my product review for new look. :D
Go subscribe if you have a youtube account :) and do comment!

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