Jakarta Fashion Week

October 26, 2013

This post is about Jakarta Fashion Week Day 1.
I went and watched FASHION FORWARD 3 (Albert Yanuar, Toton, Yosafat) and FASHION FORWARD 4 (Tex Saverio). The show was awesome! I got to sit in the first row and saw all the awesomeness of each designer's collections. Sadly, I didn't bring my camera during JFW so I took all these JFW pictures using my phone. Sorry for the bad quality picture!! I'm thinking to buy a new camera though, since my fujifilm x100 can't do zoom-ing while capturing pictures.

The above pictures are all from Albert Yanuar's Collection! I really love the details and the dresses are UHH-MAZING!

For more pictures of Jakarta Fashion Week shows starting from Day 1 till the last day please go to my facebook page: http://facebook.com/cathyblog since there's so many pictures the uploading will take forever here therefore I uploaded all the pictures on my facebook page click click!

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