July 28, 2015

Hello! I went to Bali last month with my school, and other fashion students from Canada. This post is filled with lots of BALI pictures. Be ready! Our flight is around 4AM(i think? lol *short term memory*) which is why some probably overslept and were late on time and below is my favorite teacher, Sir Richard. He was busy calling the other teachers and students.
Touchdown BALI!

We reached Bali early in the morning and here goes our journey! I took some pictures of stores that we passed by when we're inside the bus.
Our first stop is Niluh Djelantik; shoes designer. She is famous both in local and international. She designed and made shoes that caters to any age. She is well-known for her comfortable shoes. She also shared her experiences and talk about many inspirational stuffs.

A quick ootd shot!
Hat - ZARA
Top - Forever21
Skort - ZARA
Shoes - Skechers

After that, we went to Warung Keramik where we painted our own cups. I sucked at drawing but I tried my best. I tried to draw sakura trees but failed lol. Here is the result!
Indonesia x Canada students cups

Next stop is Uluwatu Temple! Although it was hot as asdfhdljfal it was worth it. The more you walk pass through, the more magnificent the view. We went to watch the famous Kecak dance here. You can watch a short clip of the Kecak dance in my youtube channel:
Full house tonight!

The next morning, we went to visit Paulina & Katarina's office. They shared their inspiring stories as well as showing us around their workplace.
Next we went to Kuta beach for a fun swim. I didn't feel like swimming so I went to Beachwalk mall and visited Museum Kain by Bin House, sadly photography is prohibited.

Afterwards, we went to La Plancha to watch sunset. It was really really crowded but the view was amazing nonetheless.
The next morning we went to Taman Ayun. Taman Ayun literally translates as ‘beautiful garden’ and is generally regarded as one of the most attractive temples of Bali.
Second stop is Lake Bratan. It is a fantastic tourist location to visit even though it's crowded you can still look at the gorgeous scenic spot of volcanic lake, temple and gorgeous gardens.
Then we went for a quick stop at Jatiluwih Paddy Field and just admire the beauty of nature right in front of us.
That day we went to watch the sunset at the famous Tanah Lot.
Watching little girls learning how Balinese dance *-*
Let's make offerings!
Tadaaa! An offering that I made by myself.
Green School; my dream school. They recycled almost everything and make it useful!
Even David Copperfield, Donna Karan visited Green school!
Tyra Banks!!
Found a cute store at Ubud!
Karma Beach! A well-known beach as well as a good relaxing place.
Motel Mexicola; famous cafe in Bali as they have really cute decorations.
Cosmic Diner; Another cute place to dine and hang out!

This concludes my journey in Bali. I have uploaded two videos regarding the trip. Feel free to watch it and don't forget to subscribe :D See you next time!

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  1. seems like you got much fun in bali, let's meet up if you come here again :))



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