Restaurant Review: Magnum Cafe House of Chocolate

December 27, 2012

I went to the new Magnum cafe last week. It was quite crowded but luckily we got a big table just enough for everyone. We ordered two main courses(Oxtail D`Orient and Salmon De La Mer) and four desserts(De velvet seduction, Wafel d'antwerp, New crown jewel). I recommend you guys to go here with a couple of friends since the dessert portion is quite big and great for sharing. All of it tastes delicious except for the main course that my friend ordered, I think its called Oxtail D`Orient? Well, it's an Indonesian food. My friend is a big fan of Indonesian food but she didn't finish eating that food and she said that the taste is not that good or like what she expected. Anyways, the service was great although I did lose my camera lid there :(. They said that there's no such thing found and no one has reported finding the lid. The place is big and has plenty of seats.
Oxtail D`Orient
Salmon de la mer
Wafel d' Antwerp
De Velvet Seduction
New Crown Jewel

Food - 4/5
Place - 5/5
Price - $$
Service - 4/5

Magnum Cafe
Grand Indonesia
West Mall 6th Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel: 23580055

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  1. aaaa Cathyyyy!
    you order the crown jewel ❤
    i really really would like to try it :P

  2. yum-yum :)


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