Hanok Korean Grill & Bbq

October 11, 2013

Hello hello last night I tried this new Korean restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk. The restaurant has a nice long road with a little korean ambience before we reach the door.
When we reached there we must wait for 3 more people since its a new restaurant its very crowded. We were given seats to wait. The owner was very nice to us and he's still young! I think he's around middle 20s.
We were given 4 appetizers or you may say sidedishes. Whatever you feel like calling it. There's peanut, kimchi, fruits and some veggies I don't know the name but it tastes weird. Although one of my friend like the taste. Well, everyone has different taste.
We ordered Yang Yum Gal Bi(Rp. 78000) also known as Marinated pork shot ribs which tasted delicious.
We also ordered Sam Gyeop Sal(Rp. 78000) also known as pork belly. I'm a big fan of pork belly and I was disappointed with the taste of Hanok's samgyeopsal. It has no taste so plain and hard to swallow. Definitely not recommend to order their samgyeopsal. Much prefer Chunggiwa's meats more cheap and taste more better.
This is a complimentary dish if we order meat we get a bowl of egg mixed with veggies.
We also ordered Jap Chae also known as Korean so-un. Taste normal like other korean so-un,nothing special but its delicious.

Food - 3.5/5
Place - 4/5
Price - $$$
Service - 4/5

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