Monday, October 7, 2013


Hello hello! How are you guys? Hows your weekend? I have been noticing that I post many depressing post lately. Therefore, in this post I want to give you all a happy post lol. I hope this post brings you joy and laugh(?). I've come across to the point in life where I don't give a damn what people say and talk about me. So lets enjoy life to the fullest!! hehe

Anyway I got the invitation to H&M VIP NIGHT and it was awesome!! Went there. Met many bloggers, actresses, actors, models, and singers. Sadly, I was too busy shopping so I didn't ask for pictures. I shop till broke. It was overcrowded, I can barely move. I get squeezed and pushed over because I wasn't wearing heels and I'm only like 150ish. I was angry since everyone who pushed me and stepped on my polished shoes didn't say sorry at all!! I mean like seriously? I get it that you guys were busy talking and shopping, but manners come first dude! Am I that small, that petite, that short, that invisible? So you just pushed and stepped on a little girl(teehee) and walk away? That's not the right way honey. But because I'm a kind person(starts puking) I just smiled and continue my shopping regardless those squeezing and pushing. After that, I queued for more than 2 hours!! Sore feet. Yes, after that 2 hours of queuing I started walking like a crippled person. My face my hair were all messy. But it was all worth it. I always shop at H&M whenever I go to HongKong, Bangkok or Singapore. Most of my shopping bags from my last trip bto Bangkok came from H&M like seriouzly. haha. Half of the stuffs that I bought at Bangkok were also available at H&M Indo which surprised me. I'm going again to H&M tomorrow too for more shopping! Hell yeah!
Sorry for less pictures, I was busy shopping :p
Went there with my sis!
My super tired face after 2 hours++ queuing
Dress - H&M, Bag - Prada, Rings - MYTHIFY, Shoes - Mom's Vintage Louis Vuitton


  1. Great post ♥

  2. nice shoes <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  3. I love your outfit! especially that dress and your prada bag. they're so gorgeous

  4. i heard the queueing line was crayyyyy!
    you look great! love those sneakies <3

  5. you and your sister looks so pretty! x3
    I love your dress so much :D
    the crowd seems to be very bad eh that night? :s but looking at those 2 big H&M bags seems to worth the price ;;)

    cheer, michelle

  6. wow! that bag is absolutely gorgeous! you're one lucky lady! Lovely bag - I think you picked the best colour!
    Thanks for vista my blog!


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