Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival; Ali Charisma

July 21, 2014

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Ali Charisma is one of the rising designers in Indonesia. He is currently the Vice President of APPMI (Indonesian Fashion Designers Association). Last month, he showcased his second line collection at Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival. They opened the show with the models walking pass through each other holding candles. I would say it was a great idea since all the people's attention directly moved towards the main stage instead of continuing chitchat-ing or playing with their phones. You might have noticed that all the models have long side bangs hairstyle. The show was filled with monochrome, bright orange, gold and earth colors. The dresses were made beautifully with details like laces, tulle, cut outs, flowers, ruffles, and frills. They ended the show with "tongsis" time where all the models gathered in the main stage and took a selfie using tongsis.

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