August 20, 2014

Hello hello everyone! Sorry for not updating for so long due to my studies (again). I know that some of you have asked me to make a post about AFA so here it is! Sorry for the terribly bad quality pictures as I brought my camera but I didn't bring my SD card (I know i'm stupid TT-TT). Okay so, most of you may have already know that I joined MMK or AFACAFE[MMK+AR] this year. If you don't know what's MMK you can go to their page here and don't forget to like! ;) and here is my picture as Kathy.
About the event, it is called Anime Festival Asia or AFA in short. And since it's being held in Indonesia they added ID after AFA. Anime Festival Asia is basically a J-Pop Culture Event.
In AFA, there's a cafe called AFA CAFE where moe maids and handsome butlers will serve you with delicious food and drinks! AFA CAFE is the combination of Atelier Royale and Moe Moe Kyun, where AR is for the butlers and MMK is for the maids. This year, AFAID2014 was held at Jakarta Convention Center from 15-17 August 2014.

Anyway, before I start spamming pictures that I took during AFA, let me spam you with pictures during photoshoot XD

14 August 2014:
The AFA CAFE crews met up for the first time on 14 August where we were briefed about the event and the cafe(menu and power ups) itself. After training, we decided to go to Plaza Senayan to buy some snacks and went back to hotel to get some rest(well, I tried on my maid costume first before going to sleep lol). In case you're wondering, we stayed at The Sultan Hotel.
15 August 2014 - AFA Day 1:
I woke up early to do my make up and hair. After quite some time me and Yuu went downstairs to eat breakfast since we only had a little time to eat before we go to the event location. And tadaaa spamming you with pictures from Day 1! Teehee ///.///


With Yume //.// she is so pretty and cute! my costume twinnie(≧∇≦)/
With my lovely Shizu ///./// she is uber kawaii and pretty makes me want to kidnap her(´∇ノ`*)ノ
With my kitty Tora ///./// she is so so cute like a kitty *puts tora inside bag* teehee(●´∀`●)
With Mayu //.// she is so pretty, and a bit weird but I'm more weird its just that I tried to act cool lol.(^▽^)
With Momo //.// my super kawaii momo with marshmallow cheeks *bitesヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

With Yuu ///./// many people say that she is the bijin of afacafe (☆^O^☆)
With Comi //./// kyary pamyu pamyu doppelganger! she is so kawaii and I wish I'm as tall as her.\(T∇T)/

With Nao! the puppy eyes boy that likes to trick the customers saying that he is from Thailand lol.
With Hiroshi! the funniest butler that give positive energy when we are tired and likes to run around afacafe playing with every customers(・◇・)
With Ren! the cold prince of afacafe! haha (/^▽^)/
With Kaede! my monkey that always bring his comb and comb his hair wherever he goes( ̄个 ̄)

Anyway, my right eye got irritation at the end of day 1 it was so freaking red and I was so scared since it has never happened to me before. I dropped some eyedrops but its no use so I just let it be and go to sleep.

16 August 2014 - AFA Day 2:
I woke up with my red right eye and after dropping another few drops, I put on my lens. Luckily, I didn't feel any pain or anything its just normal except that my right eye is red. I spent too much time treating my right eye that I got no time to do my hair so I decided to tie my hair into two ponytails with some of the hair not being tied. This was probably the day where I looked so ugly haha and that is why on this day I didn't take too much pictures.

With Shizu~
With Yutaki! he is so kind and funny like Hiroshi haha together with Hiroshi they become double trouble(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

After a long tiring day, me and Yuu went to dip our feet into the bath tub before we sleep.

17 August 2014 - AFA Day 3:
It's the last day of AFA which is so relieving but sad at the same time because we are going to be separated soon. I didn't get to talk to most of the crews as I was being too shy, always just stand there and be a mannequin lol. Since it's the last day, I tried to take pictures with all the members/crews of afacafe.
With Momo~

With Tora~
With Mayu~
With Yuu~

With Yutaki!
With Takuya!
With Jasmine~ our da jie that took care of us //./// she is so kind!
 With Yingtze and Pinky~ finally after 3 days of waiting got the chance to take picture with them. they are so pretty and kind! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Okay so AFA has finally ended and here's some of polaroid pictures that people tagged me. Do tag me on instagram/twitter/fb if you took a picture with me so I can feature you here :3

18 August 2014:

On this day, the SG team went back to Singapore. I only put my lens on and a little bit of bb cream on this day so I didn't really want to take any picture since I will look so ugly hahah. The same goes to Kaede, that is why you could see that he closed his eyes in all the pictures.
When they're about to leave, I almost cried. I was holding my tears like seriously orz. Although this is my first time working, I enjoyed it a lot, it doesn't really feel like working. Since we work hard together, laugh together, eat together, and walk together during the past few days it makes me feel like we are one big family even though we have just met. And I will never regret being a part of this whole experience. I will treasure all the memories and experience and hope to see you all again soon! *sobs

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