[TRAVEL] Fujinobou Kaen Hotel

September 06, 2016

On my recent trip to Fuji, I stayed at Fujinoboukaen Hotel which is not too far from Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, and Gotemba Premium Outlet. Like all Japanese Hotels, they provide jinbei which lokos like yukata for us to sleep wearing it.

One of the longest night during my Japan trip happened to be at Fujinoboukaen Hotel. Not because of nightmares nor ghosts, but because of my narcissistic disease. The place has many spots to take pictures, I spent almost 2 hours taking pictures in the hotel. I took pictures near the entrance, in the lobby, and in my room.
The place has the best (breakfast & dinner) buffet meal other than the other restaurants that we went. The place served fresh salmons, crabs, even grilled meats. I kept on going in line to take the salmon for myself :p

Not only the food, the room itself was so cute; small but comfortable. I do not recommend those with huge-ass luggage though, as they don't have that much space to put your big luggage.

What I also like about this hotel is that they have a photo studio! You can wear traditional Japanese clothes or just wear anything that you want and pose. They have two Japanese style backgrounds for you to take picture with. Of course, I took pictures with both of the backgrounds :D.
And lastly, in the morning, the place where you have dinner will turn into a beautiful restaurant surrounded by transparent window for the visitors to enjoy the panorama view of Mount Fuji. You can also go to the balcony where you can take a memorable picture with Mount Fuji. Sadly, when I went there, Mount Fuji is still covered by clouds :(

Fujinobou Kaen Hotel
495-201 Subashiri, Oyama-cho 
Oyama-cho 410-1431
Shizuoka Prefecture

Watch my FUJI trip:

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