October 21, 2019

Howdy ho! I'm back after like how many months? Truly sorry, being a tour guide really took my blogger life away. lol. I didn't even have time to attend events nor accept any beauty products to be reviewed. My schedule is as tight as my skinny jeans and I couldn't even do my skincare routine properly everyday! YES THAT'S HOW TIRED I AM THESE DAYS. After long day of guiding people, all I wanted to do was sleep, like instantly. Thus, my face looks really kusam dekil kucel well you name it lah kalau jarang skincare :(

With this kind of urban lifestyle, I doubt everyone could keep up with their FULLY skincare routine. I bet some of you skipped few steps sometimes right? But I learned one thing, mask is very important and it nourishes our skin when we use it. Even though I skipped my skincare routine, I still use face mask every few days. This keeps my face from all the acnes, and other dirts away. And witht that, I want to introduce you guys to one of the current HYPE SHEET MASK which is ARIUL 7 DAYS MASK! Cape gak sih kerja dan banyak kerjaan numpuk setiap harinya? Our skin deserves a break, even if it just 20 minutes. IT MAKES A DIFFERENT.  You can have healthier, more vibrant looking skin in just 20 minutes!
A 20 minutes break from your hectic schedule is all you need to calm and restore your overworked skin. The Ariul Seven Days Mask is simple and easy to use. Packed full with nourishing natural essence, you will see and feel the result after just one use. Mask's formula is a relaxing but effective remedy for all types of skin conditions from redness to rough and dry skin due to stressful modern environment. Ariul Seven Days Mask ini terbuat dari bahan Tencel yang sangat nyaman digunakan di muka karena diambil dari alam yaitu dari pohon Eucalyptus, dan juga dapat menyerap banyak jumlah essence tanpa dripping!
Ariul Seven Days Mask mempunyai tujuh varian just like the name as it is 7 days mask yang artinya bisa dipakai setiap hari selama 7 hari!
  • Pomegranate: pomegranate's own estrogen, minerals, vitamins combine to deliver essential nutrients for healthier, more bouncy, glowing skin. (menutrisi dan meningkatkan elastisitas kulit)
  • Tea Tree: tea tree oil is a special combination of tea tree extracts that aids in reducing facial oil. It gently calms and keeps your skin clear and firm. (mengurangi minyak di wajah, menenangkan kulit berjerawat dan mengencangkan pori-pori)
  • Green Tea: green tea's natural caffeine and abundant vitamins dissolve dead skin's protein cells and sebum for smoother skin without oily shine. (memperbaiki kompleksitas wajah, mengeksfoliasi ringan dan mengontrol produksi sebum)
  • Avocado: avocado is packed with vital nutrients giving you a natural moisturizing effect that keeps skin looking fresh by deeply nourishing your pores. (memperbaiki sel rusak dan mempercepat regenerasi kulit)
  • Bamboo Water: with its essential amino acids, minerals, and hydrating action, Bamboo water will leave your skin smooth and moisture. (menghidrasi dan meningkatkan elastisitas kulit)
  • Aloe: aloe has an efficient effect that protects your stressed out skin while pampering and boosting your pores giving you silky smooth skin. (menenangkan kulit iritasi)
  • Lemon: lemon has a brightening effect with vitamin B3 that rids the skin excess sebum while soothing out rough skin surfaces areas. (mencerahkan, mengeksfoliasi ringan, dan mengontrol produksi sebum)
Masker Ariul ini tergolong ukuran besar, mungkin karena dibuat untuk both perempuan dan laki-laki yang cenderung memiliki wajah lebih besar. Oleh karena itu untuk aku yang bermuka kecil, maskernya jd berlipat-lipat di mukaku kayak keriputan haha. But that doesn't bother me juga sih. The mask's generous size covers the entire face and will stay on comfortably without slippage, gentle penetration of essence will sooth not just our skin, but also helps us relax.
As you seek an escape from ever demanding urban lifestyle yang gak ada henti-hentinya, Ariul Seven Days Mask will provide a  20 minute holiday buat muka kita setelah hari yang panjang, kalian juga bisa maskeran di kantor loh biar gak mumet kerjaan! Thus, leaving you with healthier and refreshed skin!

P.s. They are having a giveaway!
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