October 13, 2021

When you heard the word "omakase", what comes through your mind? Yes it means we'll let the chef decide the dishes for us. Isn't it intriguing to pay for dishes that you don't even know what is it? Well, don't worry. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the omakase experience because it's super worth it! I have researched about omakase restaurants across Jakarta and decided to try YAWARA OMAKASE for my first omakase experience.

WHY I CHOOSE YAWARA? First, I have tried their yawara grill/yakiniku and pretty impressed with the meat quality. Second, their price is not that expensive compared to other omakase restaurants. With only 1.950.000 you get 20 course, I think it's a fair price. They also have 10, 15, and 18 course omakase. So you could pick the amount of course that suits you. Make sure to book first because the restaurant space is not big, there's only few dining tables and private rooms. Their location is strategically located at Sequis Tower near the hype Ashta Mall and Pacific Place. It is easy to find and the security is tight because of this pandemic(which I like because some place don't really follow the health protocols), we need to check in and check out using the peduli lindungi app.

20 course:
  • Chawanmushi - super soft texture
  • Ayu Kanroni - loving the burst effect while eating this sweet fish roe
  • Oyster Sashimi - no words to describe it other than fresh!
  • Ankimo - first time eating monkfish liver, felt like foie gras
  • Hirame Sashimi with Ikura - ikura is always a good idea especially combined with hirame sashimi
  • Toro Shabu - no need to explain this, tuna bely always my no.1 fav. melts in your mouth
  • Tan Steak - have I mentioned how much I love gyutan? will always order tan in every grill restaurant
  • Tachiuo Sushi - I think this is swordfish, if i'm not wrong. 
  • Tai Sushi - the texture and taste are pretty similar like amaebi/squid, jellylike texture.
  • Magurozuke Sushi - smoked tuna, this one is basic sushi.
  • Kaburamushi - unique looking dish, fish with white egg.
  • Tomato Compote - the tomato is really sweet and burst in your mouth
  • Toro Sushi - yummy tuna belly as always nothing beats toro.
  • Hatta Sushi - i thought this was the same dis likr tachiuo sushi because the texture and the taste is quite similar
  • Uni Sushi - miss eating fresh uni! finally got to taste it again
  • Anago Sushi - i thought this was unagi at first since it's an eel as well. but this one had a bit sea taste maybe because it's saltwater eel
  • Negitoromaki - forgot to mention that i don't want any negis on my dishes. but toro saves the day!
  • Sirloin Special Rice - ah, another fav dish, japanese beef always taste so goodddd
  • Fish Soup - perfect ending. cleanse my palate and taste amazing at the same time!
We also got complimentary dessert! Love the milk sorbet, makes me miss hokkaido milk ice cream. At the end of our omakase experience, the chef waited for us at the door to say his gratitude. I can't wait to be back and this is definitely not going to be the last of my omakase experience.

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