Restaurant Review: Pesto Autentico

April 18, 2012

Hi guys today I'm going to review Pesto Autentico Restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. Located in Thamrin nine, this stylish Italian eatery and bar concept restaurant is well known among the society. I've went here for about two times. I always choose the window seat as I love seeing the scenery from the window. It shows a glimpse of Jakarta. If you enjoy restaurant concepts like Loewy or Potato Head, I'm sure you'll love this restaurant too ;). At night, they organize special events occasionaly, you can check or follow their twitter, Pesto.
During my first time, I visited the restaurant around lunch time. It was empty since it's a new restaurant. I said this in my mind a few times, "this restaurant will soon be popular just like Loewy". I forgot what I ordered but the total of all the food is around +500 IDR. If anyone knows the menu name for all my orders above please don't hesitate to comment below :). Anyway, the food was great and love their service too!
Food - 4/5
Place - 5/5
Price - $$$$
Service - 4/5

Pesto Autentico
ANZ Square, UG Floor  
The Podium, Thamrin Nine  
Jl. Thamrin No. 10
Central Jakarta
Phone Number: +62-21 299 37320

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