January 07, 2015

 Jacket - Armani Exchange, Sweater - Bershka, Ripped Jeans - ebase, Bag - Salvatore Ferragamo, Shoes - ASH

Hello earthlings! Above pictures are my last outfit look in Jakarta before I went for my vacation. Pardon my looking down face *cough*nomakeup*cough*. I have just came back from my winter holiday. If you have followed me on instagram(@cathysie), you'd know that I went to Taipei. Yes, finally after few years I visited Taipei again. This was my second time visiting Taipei. Flying at night but didn't sleep at all due to so many movies available for watching inside the plane. Not to mention, some of it are still new/has just been released in Indonesia. I have just watched Stand By Me Doraemon few days back and whualah turns out the movie is available inside the plane. Should've just watch it there instead of cinemas ;;-;;. lol. Anyway, I watched The Giver and Hercules instead. I was just about to watch If I Stay when the captain announced that we're approaching the airport. As all of you have experienced, queuing and waiting for the luggage can be quite boring. Thankfully, my luggage came first. From there, we're picked up by cab driver who drove us to our temporary home for the next few days. Reaching the place, my family are so tired that after we bathed, we went to sleep immediately. I will update more about my Taipei trip soon, in the mean time check my compilation of Bazaar Fashion Festival below :)

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  1. casual but super cute Cathy! hope you enjoyed your trip to Taipei! :D

    Pudding Monster

  2. cute look cath :D

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. If you're bored with your shades, lemme know! LOL JK


  4. so cute!


  5. love everything!
    mind to follow each other? let me know

    visit mine (currently fllowing everyone back)

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  7. Fab outfit Cath!

    Visit and follow for a follow back! ;)


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