Hong Kong Travel Diary

June 02, 2016

Hello loves! I'm back with another post. This time it's about my Hong Kong trip. My family loves to go to Hong Kong. It's like one of my most visited country besides Bangkok. The reason? It's because my mom loves to shop branded stuffs there, we kinda have this tradition where every new year we will go to Hong Kong & watch the fireworks at the bay and we love basically everything there. The food, the environment. You could say that I've been here for around 10+- times. Even though I don't speak Mandarin, I understand it. I can roam freely around Hong Kong without fear as I know Hong Kong people are so nice!

For this trip, I stayed at Royal Plaza Hotel which amazingly situated just next to the "Mongkok East" MTR station and a mall called "MOKO". ThRoyal Plaza Hotel is a five-star hotel and is connected to MOKO through a passage on the MTR level, and through the hotel's 2-level "La Scala" restaurant. The mall is connected to the Mong Kok East MTR Station and it is very convenient. Since it's just next door, we went there almost every night to find some foooood *lol*. Inside the mall, you can find many international brands, not to mention STYLENANDA!! YASS!. 

In Stylenanda, you will find 3CE Cosmetic Brand that has been all over the news and popular from Korea as well as their fashion brand aka clothing line called STYLENANDA which is famous for their casual korean chic style. The price is quite expensive for the clothes, but affordable for the makeups.

Anyways, it was raining pretty bad when we reached Hong Kong and my hair got drenched. So, here's a quick outfit of the day look with my messy hair:
Sunglasses - MYTHIFY | Dress - H&M | Jacket - H&M | Shoes - Cotton On

I will update more when I have time, in the mean time please enjoy my Hong Kong trip video:
Have a good night sleep, everyone!

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