May 20, 2017

Last week, I was invited to BYS Grand Opening at Plaza Senayan. You guys are probably wondering what is BYS? Yes, I was like that at first but after a thorough research on google I found that it is a make up brand from Australia! BYS stands for Be Your Self. The BYS brand represents one of the most exciting ranges of Cosmetics in the world today with consumer loyalty growing rapidly. Developed in Melbourne, Australia and exported world-wide, BYS satisfies every type of woman with product that does not just follow current trends, it helps create them. I personally think that the brand name truly embodies the products as they want you to be your self and express yourself through makeups. You can visit their website here www.bys.com.au
Their product ranges from Foundation, Eyeshadows, Lipgloss, Nail Polish, Bronzers, Mineral Foundation, Mineral Blush & Bronzer, Mascara, Eyeliners, Tanning Products to assorted cosmetic accessories.

During the opening, they did a make up demo for different kind of looks. I really like all the makeup demos and I wish I could do the makeup like what they did on the demo.
After watching the demos, I looked around the store and found my heaven. Yup, its the lipstick section! They have a lot like A LOT of lipsticks with different shades.
Nowadays, the trend is liquid lipstick and thank God they have it! Same like the lipstick, for their lip mattes they also have plenty of shades. I was captivated by one of their dark red lip mattes. Their lip mattes are so moist and longlasting, you definitely have to buy it.

Anyways, they gave me three products that I am going to review later on; maybe next month(?). So I'll see you on the next post!


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