May 22, 2017

Hi loves, I am back with another review. I have been curious about W.LAB for a while and finally now I got one from CHARIS! My face has a lot of flaws like blackheads and whiteheads around my nose area. Luckily now I have this Sebum Out Peel Off Pack from W.lab.
First thing first, the packaging is really good with green and white colour which gives the feeling of nature. The product itself is made of Jeju Volcanic Scoria and Charcoal Powder which cleans pore, remove dead skin cells, eliminates dirt, and improve our face complexion. This product is the ultimate secret of saving 100 sheets of blotting papers.
Directions : 1. Take an adequate amount and apply evenly entire face except for eye and mouth area.
  1. After 20~30 minutes, take it off from top to bottom.
  2. Skin Type : All skin types
  3. Recommended Age : People of all ages 
  4. Effects : Removal of Sebum/ Removal of dead skin cell and waste / Smoothening of skin surface/ Purification/ Soothing the sensitive skin/ Moisturising 
When I first tried it, it was really easy to apply and peel off. All you have to do is press the tube and black liquid will come out. And then apply it all over your place except eye and mouth area, wait until it hardened. When you feel that the mask has dried and hard, slowly peel off the mask. You will see all the dirts and dead skin cells on the mask.
W.Lab Sebum Out Peel Off Pack is truly my life saviour! Once I apply it, my skin has become more soft and I can feel that it clears my pores inside out. I totally recommend this product for those who run into a clumping disaster due to excessive oil and sebum production and those who have difficulty in having their makeup blend into skin. Just apply it once and have your skin ready for a flawless makeup the next morning!

You can buy this product at my charis page: https://hicharis.net/cathysie/1uU
Don't worry it's fast, safe, and secure :)

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