August 25, 2018

Hi everyone! My skin has been getting dry and dull because I rarely use my skincare (blame my lazy hands), I always sleep without washing my face nor applying night cream. Thus, makes my skin face look dry and dull. I have been wanting to go have a treatment for my face but I just didn't have the time. Then I stumbled upon Clarins Skin Spa at Pacific Place. I bet all of you guys know CLARINS right? It's a huge beauty brand that has established long way before I was born. Clarins was first established in Paris on 1954, their stores are all around the world you can find them anywhere. Literally. The one that I went was their Pacific Place branch, I saw a banner which said Open Spa Treatment!
What is Open Spa Treatment? It is a quick pampering treatment for us women who's busy with their work and basically don't have the luxury of spending an hour at Spa treatment. Open Spa Treatment only required 30 minutes and whualah, your face will feel better, brighter, smoother right after the treatment. Clarins has concentrated all its skin care expertise and plant-based knowledge into a series of 30-minute treatments: enjoy a 10-minute personalised consultation and 20-minute treatment for immediate results and a wonderful feeling of well-being.

Open Spa Treatment have 8 different treatments that cater to different types of skin. There is Bye Dry Skin, Youth Express, SOS Detox, Eye Must, Men's Skin Fit!, Say 'no' to tensions!, SOS V-Shape, All about whitening treatments.
  • Bye dry skin: achieve soft, comfortable skin and not to mention moisturised face after this treatment.
  • Youth Express: For those who has lack of skin firmness, this is a treatment that promotes firmer facial features, smoother skin and a rested appearance.
  • SOS Detox: This treatment help your skin regain radiance, freshness and balance.
  • Eye must: Close your eyes. Experience a smoother, younger-looking eye contour, instantly.
  • Men's Skin Fit: This targeted treatment for men helps restore soft, toned, healthy-looking skin.
  • Say 'no' to tension: Shoulders, neck, scalps and hands. This treatment ease tight muscles and let your mind wander.
  • SOS V-Shape: This treatment's draining action helps promote more refined, 'lifted' and firmer facial contours that are also better defined.
  • All about whitening: This dual purifying and unifying treatment restores the fresh looking, rosy transparency of youthful-looking skin.
I tried their Bye Dry Skin treatment to moisturised my skin as I have a dry skin and in need of something to hydrate it. First, the beauty consultant will check our skin first to see what our skin needs, as well as which Clarins product should they use depending on our skin condition. CLARINS Open Spa Treatment did a well job on improving my skin. My skin feels smoother, better and brighter right after Open Spa. The price for Open Spa Treatment is only Rp.300.000 which is very worth it since they use Clarins product for all the treatment *-*

After Open Spa Treatment, I went to try one of their skin spa treatment which is The Tri-Active Body Treatment: Contour Shaper. They have varieties of treatment and every treatment is unique as the beauty therapist adapts her movements and the products to your needs and wishes. The treatment took 60 minutes and it was so relaxing! I almost fell asleep during my treatment. My whole body was massaged with care and not to mention they use Body Fit products that will burn all my fats as time goes by. I totally recommend CLARINS SPA TREATMENT for everyone out there, you should definitely try their Open Spa Treatment as well as Skin Spa Treatment. They treat our face and body with good care and also they use Clarins product for the treatment generously. Definitely worth it!

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