Restaurant Review: SEORAE

July 17, 2013

SEORAE is a new Korean restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta. It is located near Hong Tang. I went here two times already and did a little chitchat with the manager as well as one of the employees. So apparently, the owners of this restaurant are 3 to 4 Korean people which is good since they will bring us the real taste of korean food. I ordered 2 Samgyeobsal(Rp.69800 each), Bab(Rp9800), Spicy Galmaegisal(Rp.89800), Galmaegisal(Rp.84800), Woosamgyeob(Rp.139800), Dolsot Bibimbab(Rp.69800) and for the drink, cold ocha(Rp.8800) of course ;). The meat portions are small but the it tastes great. The Dolsot Bibimbab was made perfectly too. The minus parts are its so hot inside the restaurant, crowded and tiny place, and lastly, there are only few employees! One of the employees said that many took the job and quit because of the overcrowd. Its too much for them, I guess. I feel sad for the employees since they're all like running here and there, and multitasking. Since its a new restaurant, they still don't have plastic bags for the takeaways. I decided to take away some of the food since I was too full and you know what? They don't have any plastic bags for the meat and sauce. Well, they have a plastic container for the meat but not for the sauce. So, the sauce were put inside an empty aqua bottle. lol. I think I can tolerate this though, since they're still new. But I hope when I visit SEORAE next time, they'd have their own plastic bags :)

Food - 4/5
Place - 3/5
Price - $$$
Service - 3.5/5

Ruko Garden House B-19, 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Indonesia 12240

Phone+62817-SEORAE (736723)

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