Restaurant Review; Atmosphere

July 01, 2013

Few weeks ago I went to Bandung with my friends for one day culinary trip *yeay*. I didn't get enough sleep due to my excitement(we went at 4AM). It was a hell of a ride with all the jokes, the ghost stories and snacks accompanied us to Bandung. First, we went to Kawah Putih and then ate lunch at Mie Naripan. For early dinner we decided to try Atmosphere. Atmosphere is located in the heart of Bandung. They offers a wide range of finest European, Indonesian and Asian cuisines, in a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. The interior design is adapted from Balinese and extends with cozy ambience of polished woods, Gazebos and various watercress around the ponds, which give beautiful view and natural nuances.
Chicken Caesar Salad Rp. 39.000
 My friend ordered Chicken Caesar Salad but that is what he got. I think its disappointing because I remember he said that there was no chicken in the salad. This is definitely a minus.
Miso Shiru Rp. 24.000
This was okay. Standard miso soup with little seaweed and other ingredients.

Chocolate Fondue Rp. 39.000
The Chocolate Fondue was super delicious except the fact that they forgot to give us marshmallows. We were about to start eating when we realized that we didn't get the marshmallows so we asked for it. Luckily, they gave us the forgotten marshmallows. If not, this dish would be a disappointing dish as well.
Choco Monkey Rp. 34.000
The taste was excellent. So yummy and fattening. lol. If you like chocolate, you should give it a try! ;)
Very Berry Rp. 34.000
This was also super yummy. The strawberries are the bomb!! Definitely will come back for this.
Atmosphere Rainbow Rp. 29.000
The Atmosphere Rainbow looks delicious. Love the color combination. But I didn't get to try it so I can't describe the taste. Sorry guys. Keke~

Nonetheless, the place is beautiful and so cozy! If you guys are traveling with lots of people, this place will treat you well.

Food - 3.5/5
Place - 4.5/5
Price - $$
Service - 3/5

Atmosphere Resort Cafe
Jl. Lengkong Besar 97
Bandung 40111
t. 022. 426 2815
f. 022. 426 2667  

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