[TRAVEL] Cathy x Bangkok Trip

March 08, 2014

Touchdown Bangkok!!
I reached Bangkok at night.
Pictures taken when I went to Bangkok. Take a glimpse of my trip ;)
After reaching Bangkok, we went directly to the hotel to rest and sleep as we have a lot to do the next day. The next morning, we went to the famous Erawan Shrine or the so called Four Faced Buddha. Thailand is one of most iconic Buddhist country. Many Buddhist, like my family, always go to Bangkok to pray at least once a year. Although, famously called as the Four Faced Buddha, Thailand’s unofficial Patron Buddha is not a Buddha, it is a Brahma and technically it has nothing to do with Buddhism. However, Thai Buddhist monks have already quietly and unofficially recognized the 4-Faced Brahma as an unlikely Buddhist deity, that a lot of people has recognized it as a 4-Faced Buddha. In a way, it can be said that the Four Faced Buddha is now an ‘adopted’ Buddhist deity.
From Four Faced Buddha, we went to Central World for brunch. We wondered for around 30 minutes deciding which restaurant should we try and finally we decided Heiroku Sushi since all the members in my family love Japanese food the most.
Unagi Sushi
Grilled Pork with Rice (46B)
Grilled Salmon with salt and pepper (66B)
And yes, as you can see we ordered few sushi(I wrote some of their names but others...forgot lol gomen) and a takoyaki :3 yeshh I really love their takoyaki! They are so fluffy and yummy! Will definitely come back for this!
Unit No A709/1-A709/3, Floor 7,
4,4/1-4/2,4/4 CentralWorld
Rajdamri Rd., Patumwan,
Bangkok, Thailand 10330
Camwhores in the toilet
Walking with a full stomach, ZEN department here we go! This is currently my mom's shopping place, she really loves shopping in here. ZEN Department Store itself is an amalgamation of all that is modern in today's multi-brand/product retailing. It prides itself for uniqueness, individual style and a merchandise mix that has wide appeal, all set in a vast, theatrical, interactive space. This was my first visit to ZEN, and I really love the brands omg. They even sell some cute japanese clothings which I took some of the store pictures for you japanese lovers to drooool. -slap myself-
ZEN Building at Central World (cr: ZEN)
Cute decoration at Lacoste booth.
Go green campaign
ZEN Departmant Store
4, 4/5 Rajdamri Road,
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel: 02-100-9999

From ZEN, we decided to roam around Central World. I took some pictures that captured my attention while roaming around.
From Central World, we went to Siam Paragon. After quite a long walk we decided to indulge ourselves with desserts. We stopped by at Swensen's and ordered two desserts; Banana Split and Chocolate Fondue.
Siam Paragon
Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan, 991
Bangkok 10330, Thailand 

I know we are weird but after finishing our desserts we went to eat dinner. Yeah, we ate desserts first before eating heavy meal. Again, decision have to be made and finally we chose to try this 9th Cafe.
This is the one I ordered: Grilled Sirloin with sticky rice (190B)

The Ninth Cafe
Siam Paragon, Ground Floor
Rama 1 Rd, Pathumwan, 991
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

This is the end of the first day! After a long walk we went back to the hotel and take a rest. 

Okay, so from here starts our last day. We went to Bistro7 to eat brunch.
The place actually looks quite nice and organized they differentiate each type of cuisine like the ones in the picture "Lebanese & Indian" and "Spanish" at the other corner.
Say hello to my dearest brother! Sorry for the weird and awkward pose, he was trying to cover himself as he doesn't like people to take picture of him lol.
Spicy Larb Salmon; Thai-style, spicy larb salad, made with salmon. (195B)
Spicy Two Color Pasta with Seafood (240B)
 We ordered Spicy Two Color Pasta which tasted superbly delicious. The combination of sauteed black and white fettuccini, with spicy napolitana sauce and seafood are excellent!
Warm Chocolate Tart; Warm chocolate tart served with vanilla ice cream. (190Baht)
Pork Chop; Grilled pork chop with green peppercorn sauce, served with sauteed vegetables and french fries. (380B)
Bravas Potatoes.

CentralWorld Shopping Complex
Open daily 10:00 – 22:00 hrs.
7th Floor, Atrium Zone, OP-708-709
Tel: 02.252.8850

After we went to eat our brunch, we roam around the mall.
After we roamed around the mall, me and my sister got a bit hungry so we went outside the mall and found a street food market. We went to buy sweet corns and grilled pork which tasted uhmazing ohmagerdzz I'm already missing the taste of it T-T

Before we went to the airport, we decided to try this cafe which is located just next to our hotel. The cafe is called Au Bon Pain.
We bought Chef's Salad (115B)
Smoked Salmon Salad (115B)
Strawberry Smoothie (95B)
Frozen Matcha Green Tea (140B)
au bon pain
They have a lot of branches, you can take a look here:

In case you're wondering, we stayed at Arnoma Hotel. Its my parent's favorite hotel because of its strategic location(just right in front of Central World.

Arnoma Hotel
99 Ratchadamri Rd
Lumphini, Pathum Wan
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

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