Thursday, May 16, 2013


Candy Shirt - Ramune Shop, Houndstooth Skirt - gift, Love Tights - Royal Toxic, Cross Ring - Forever 21, Cross and Spike bracelet - Royal Toxic, Mica Sling Bag - Ramune Shop, Orange Wallet - LV, Shoes - Sister's
As you all know, life has been giving me lemons these days. Just as the quote says "when life gives you lemon, make lemonade!" ;) I did. By lemonade, I mean this post about my outfit sponsored by Ramune Shop. Have you guys heard about Ramune Shop? Ramune Shop is a local online shop from Indonesia. The word "Ramune" originates in Japan. It is derived phonetically from the English word "Lemonade". Like lemonade, Ramune Shop offers a fresh collection of accessories and clothing, which is self-designed and manufactured by Indonesian tailors. I have known Ramune Shop since Alley29, which I bought one of their collection and wore it in this post: This time, I'm using their best seller candy shirt and mica sling bag! I love both and I feel like wearing them whenever I go to malls, I swear! It captivates my eyes as soon as I got them. The color combination of the shirt is perfect and the bag can be match with any color since it's transparent. If you are looking for good quality of clothes and transparent bags you should definitely check Ramune Shop! Don't forget to follow their instagram too @ramuneshop :)
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